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  我們常聽到一個人對另一個人的評價:這個人變了!    人一生,從幼年至壯年、中年,以至老年,的確不是一成不變,而是不斷處于變化之中。請注意,這里的這個“變”,不是指的年齡、身高、外貌、體力、健康素質等的變化[BianHua],主要指的是一個人的價值觀、性格、稟性等變化[BianHua]。    我把這種變化[BianHua],用一個詞去形容:心變[XinBian]!    也請注意,心變[XinBian],不同于變心。我們通常所說的變心[BianXin],指一個人的情變——對戀人或愛人變心[BianXin]了,以至于始亂終棄或同床異夢等。    我所言的心變[XinBian],具體而言,可以羅列許多,比如:一個人的政治、家庭生活社會[SheHui]、人生的觀念在不斷的變化[BianHua],思想決定行為,行為方式也隨之而改變;一個人的政治與社會地位發生了改變,待人接物的方式也隨之改變了,如頤指氣使、剛愎自用或溜須拍馬、唯唯諾諾等;一個人受社會[SheHui]環境的影響,日益變得自私、多疑、道德缺失,等等等等,不一而足。    人一生在成長過程中,我們的心變[XinBian]了又變,以前叫我們落淚的事,如今可能為我們訕笑;年輕時追求的理想信念,抑或在乎的事與人,現在很可能覺得不值一提;曾經堅持的良知與善意,于今卻覺得很傻,因為身邊的遭遇總是告訴我們:好人命不長,女人天下禍害遺千年。    當今這時代,我們最容易變成這樣一群人:一顆心麻木不仁,鐵石心腸漸漸煉成,學會明哲保身,只顧個人的利益得失·····  We often hear one person to another person:This person has changed!    One of life,From childhood to maturity/middle-aged,That old,Do not stand still,But is constantly changing.Please note that,Here the“change”,Does not mean age/height/appearance/Physical strength/Health and quality of change,Mainly refers to a person's values/character/The change such as temperament.    I put this change,Use one word to describe:Heart changed!    Please also note,Heart changed,Different from a change of heart.We usually say a change of heart,Refers to a person's things——The couple or lover a change of heart,Curated that or break-up,etc.    I said in the heart,To be specific,You can list many,Such as:A person's politics/social/The idea of life is constantly changing,Thought decision behavior,Behavior also subsequently and change;A person's political and social status changed,Treat people the way has been changed,Such as the boss,/Eg: or domineering/Yes - etc.;A person affected by the social environment,Is becoming more and more selfish/paranoid/Lack of moral,Etc.,etc.,To name but a few.    In the process of growing life,Our hearts are changed and changed,Before that we shed tears,May now be smile for us;Pursuit of the ideal faith when he was young,Or care about the things and people,Now probably think isn't worth mentioning;Once conscience and kindness,This felt very silly,Because side have always told us:Good life is not long,Disaster in one thousand.    Today this time,We are most likely to become such a group of people:A heart insensitive,Gradually into a heart of stone,Learn to preserve our sanity,The interest of the individual gain and loss·····