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   Lao Yang was a friend“And athletic”,Day after day adhere to the morning exercise——Outdoor running.Unless a rain and snow and extreme weather,Never stopped.

   老楊對我說:與你堅持[JianChi]5年寫日志[RiZhi]相比,我堅持[JianChi]的晨練[ChenLian]時間更長。我堅持[JianChi]晨練[ChenLian]20年了,這在人的一生中也不是一個短的時間。   是啊兩性健康,20年,都有一代人的時間了,也就是說,從老楊開始晨練[ChenLian]時,那時出生的嬰兒,現在都一個個出落成帥小伙、大姑娘了。   老楊還說:這20年的晨練[ChenLian]里,我遇見了很多[HenDuo]早起鍛煉的,有的[YouDe]轉瞬即逝,也就是“打醬油”的;有的[YouDe]有一陣沒一陣的,三天打魚兩天曬網;有的[YouDe]堅持[JianChi]了很久,婚外情也不知什么原因突然就沉寂了。   說起來,我這5年時間堅持寫日志[RiZhi],說長不長說短也不短。這5年來,我的空間日志里來過很多[HenDuo]人,來來去去的,換了一撥又一撥人。有的[YouDe]只是偶爾進來“踩一踩”,也有的[YouDe]是長期關注,但漸漸的也了無痕跡了——兩性生活我就給老楊說:我要學習你堅持[JianChi]不懈、持之以恒的精神,所以我會一直寫下去,只要堅持[JianChi],終有萬水千山。   Lao Yang said to me,:Compared with you insist on 5 years writing log,I stick to exercise longer.I insist that morning exercise for 20 years,This in one's life is not a short time.   yeah,20 years,Have a generation,That is to say,,Starting from the Lao Yang morning exercise,Babies born at that time,Are now grown into a handsome guy/The big girl.   Lao Yang also said:This morning exercise of 20 years,I met a lot of the early exercise,Some fleeting,That is“Play soy sauce”the;There was not a some,Three days of fishing net on two days;Some insist for a long time,Also don't know what's the cause of the sudden silence.   To say,I insist on writing log this 5 years time,Say long not long say short not short.In the five years,I have been to a lot of people space log,Come and go,,In the wave and wave.There are only occasionally come in“A trash”,Also have a plenty of attention for a long time,But gradually also traces——Then I said to Lao Yang:I want to learn your perseverance/The spirit of perseverance,So I will write down,As long as you stick to,There will come the long march.